5 Best Twerk-Tastic Twerking Videos

Twerking is a special brand of booty-centric dancing that emerged from the traditions of New Orleans and the Dirty South. It's definitely sexy as all hell, but people who really understand twerking know that it's about more than that. Twerking is about self-expression and empowerment. It's also about having a great time, maybe freakin' out some squares, and maybe freakin' on someone cute. So with that, we bring you our picks for the five most twerk-tastic videos. What's your fave?

DIPLO - 'Express Yourself'

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Dip brought twerking to EDM, and he did so with style and integrity. He also started a global phenomenon that's taken on a life of it's own. Good girls, bad girls, your girlfriend, your mom, your dad... they're all stripping down and sticking their asses in the air, in that trademark "Express Yourself" pose.

An Aurora, Colorado high-school teacher, whose fantastic self-expression (see below) was retweeted by Diplo, got a little too much attention paid to her Twitter account and her rager ways. Now she's been suspended from her job. Support your EDM brethren. #freecrunkbear!

Carly Mckinney (aka Crunkbear) twerk tweet for Diplo.'">

LADY - 'Twerk'

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Still not exactly sure what twerking is? Let Lady break it down for ya. Start with the beginner moves. Make that ass vibrate, bend over, make it shake, side-to-side, shake it everywhere. Then perhaps some advanced moves, like splits? Careful though. We don't advise you to try Lady's "grand finale... p****-poppin' handstand" at home. Leave that to the experts.


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Speaking of experts, Lady's got it goin' on, but Houston's Twerk Team are the real experts. Miss Twerksum and the rest of the gang have put in enough hours twerkin' to earn a shout out from rapper Waka Flocka in his track "Round of Applause." And boy did they earn it. You ever seen booty pop like that?


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Twerking works well with all hip-hop, but it's never more at home than when New Orleans booty bounce music is on the system. Bounce music is a regional brand of super-hyper, super-repetitive hip-hop, designed specifically for maximum twerk. Big Freedia is the undisputed Queen of booty bounce music and the veritable first lady of twerk. For years, Freedia has been a crusader not only for bounce music and azz shakin', but also for acceptance. All hail giant Freedia.


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Last year, a bounce artist named Mr. Ghetto brought some serious twerk action to a New Orleans Walmart. The results pretty much speak for themselves.

Now get back to twerk! #freecrunkbear

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